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Rome is the capital of Italy. It is one of the most populated cities and has three airports. It is unique because it is a sovereign state, located completely within its city limits.

Historically, it was one of the great empires and conquered many nations. The Roman Empire originated under Octavian in 27 BC. Many Roman generals came after that period, including Julius Caesar, after his army won the battle and the conquest of Gaul.

Rome offers quite an eclectic array of activities, sights, food, and sound. There is always something to do and to experience in the city. It contains a spectacular collection of art, sculpture, mosaics, buildings and sites. These span from a combination of historical periods and dates back to early periods in history. It was the first artistic Centre during the Renaissance. An impressive collection of paintings, beautiful pottery, figurine glass metalwork gem and ivory carvings can be seen as well.

People flock in by thousands every year to this city. Some of the main attractions are in the summer season including going the Opera and Theater Season usually in May. This is a really a treat for visitors.

When to Visit  

When planning a trip to Rome, the best times to visit the city are in the cool months of April, May, and late September. Airfares are cheaper in early autumn. The hotels situated in the central area of the city provide easy access to the main sites. Outside of the city is just as beautiful.

Attractions and Sites

  1. Roman Forum: The forum dates back to 500 BC. The cobblestoned site is made up ruins of the Roman era of ages past.
  2. Piazza Navona: It’s an oval shaped structure, located in the city of Rome filled with shops, restaurants, and places to eat. The Roman museum is located within its perimeters of Piazza Navona. As you walk through, there is an awful display of interesting attractions and artifacts.
  3. Vatican City: It’s a country on its own because it has its governance and that makes it unique. Exploring the sights and sounds of the city can take a whole day as you gaze at the impressive work of geniuses. The rich architecture is outstanding and is truly a work of art. The antiquity of the structures and craftsmanship is like none other.
  4. St Peter’s Basilica: The Basilica is a great place to visit. Constantine was the one who authorized the building. Saint Peters tomb is believed to be buried there. Constantine himself authorized the building of the basilica. Michelangelo was commissioned to restore the dome of the Basilica, but he was not able to complete it.

Gelato Shops

Rome has some these small shop areas, similar to ice cream shops. They are called “galleries”. They are quite convenient for a hot beverage or a snack that anyone can enjoy locals as well as visitors. “Giolitti” is an example of a parlor shop area. They offer the best traditional styled ice cream with a wide variety of flavors and colors. Expresso shops are quite a common in Rome.

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