Why Australians Have Made Norfolk Island their Home Away from Home


If you are seeking a charming getaway – one that is close to Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, or Melbourne – you will want to look at the amenities provided by staying at a resort accommodation on Norfolk Island. This small island, which is situated in the South Pacific Ocean, is characterised by pines and waters that are safeguarded by reefs.

While the island may be small, it is also big on natural beauty, thereby making it a home away from home for anyone coming from the big isle of Australia. When visiting the island, tourists often schedule a trip to Norfolk Island National Park, which spans over six and a half kilometres. Backpackers like to visit uninhabited Phillip Island, which sits six kilometres south of Norfolk.

What Are You in the Mood for?

If you love the beach or snorkelling, Norfolk Island will not disappoint you. You can enjoy both the shore and snorkelling activities at Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay. If you are seeking to climb to the highest point on the island, you will find it at Mt. Bates. The peak is approximately 320 metres above sea level.

If you enjoy sampling wine, you will want to visit Two Chimneys Wines – the only winery on Norfolk Island. A tasting room is featured at the site. Naturally, the Norfolk Island accommodation you book will also add to the pleasantness of your trip.

Luxury Units

A hotel resort on the island that offers private units normally features one bedroom, which is separate from the living area, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Units of this type also regularly feature a deck. These small homes come with such amenities as a gas heater, sofa bed, ceiling fans, International Direct Dialling (IDD) phone, wireless Internet, and a microwave.

If you want to upgrade your accommodation, you will find luxury units are available that feature a large lounge, LCD TV, and double spa bath. You will also be rewarded with panoramic views of the island. When you visit Norfolk Island — regardless of where you hail from — expect to receive pleasantries in the form of delicious foods, comfortable lodging, and engaging activities.

For instance, many visitors enjoy breakfast overlooking a garden setting and take a sabbatical in Norfolk Island National Park, or enjoy the beach near Emily Bay. Therefore, when you select a resort property, location is of prime importance. Picking a centrally located property will make it easier for you to access shopping and nearby tourist sites.

On-site Amenities

Make sure you book accommodation with a property that features a host of amenities on-site. These conveniences include a pool, in-house restaurants, heated spa, reception, and local tours. This type of all-inclusive offering will make your stay more relaxing and fun.

If you set your sights on a specific hotel, first read the reviews. That way you can get some of the first-hand accounts of previous guests. Once you decide on a hotel, book the reservation online. Often, you will get a better rate if you book your stay on a property’s site rather than phoning the property. You can also book your reservation online and follow up with a call confirming your upcoming stay.

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