Signs You Have Found a Good Chinese Restaurant in Australia


Chinese restaurants are all over the world and Australia isn’t an exception. Some are just a bunch of shit camouflaged in the Chinese restaurant trademark. The largest number though is high-end and well-furnished Chinese restaurants that offer unique Chinese flavors, great Chinese recipes, and fresh Chinese cuisines. If you are walking around the streets of Australia and discover a restaurant with the Chinese restaurant trademark, you shouldn’t just go in, sit down, and order for your favorite Chinese dietary—you will be served with real shit. And unless you are ready to pay for sad and filthy noodles that don’t have a distinct taste and flavor, you should do your background research to make sure you identify a good Chinese restaurant Melbourne that offers modern fusion Asian cuisine.

It Should Be Regional

China constitutes 8 well-known culinary regions which are Shandong, Cantonese, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, and Sichuan. The Hunan culinary is made up of sour recipes and spicy flavors, the Jiangsu, Cantonese, and Zhejiang are known for sweet and light dishes, Sichuan known for super spicy and delicious dishes, Fujian and Anhui for their mountainous ingredient-rich dishes, and Shandong for specialty seafood. Genuine Chinese restaurants will offer proper regional labeling of their dishes.

Budget-Friendly Foods

Genuine Chinese food isn’t cheap. Getting the ingredients, preparing them ready and cooking Chinese dishes is time-consuming and costly. Unless a restaurant owner is a tycoon who wants to give out freebies in form of Chinese food, it is unrealistic to sell foods at price lower than the preparation cost. So if a Chinese restaurant sells their dishes cheaply, it is likely they aren’t genuine and if they are, there are chances they don’t prepare genuine Chinese diets.


Australia doesn’t have many Chinese restaurants. For the few existing restaurants, they all are rated differently by past customers. Real people who understand what Chinese dishes are really are will always leave a negative review every time they eat in fake restaurants. You can tell if really the Chinese restaurant you are about to eat from is genuine and reputable. Australians can find award winning fusion menu at Sun Wah Restaurant at the most affordable rates. Sun Wah is a Chinese restaurant of choice for many that specialize in offering genuine Chinese diets. Customers can eat directly from the restaurant or order for their favorite dishes online.

If you are in the search for the best Australian Chinese restaurant where you can get modern fusion Asian Cuisine, then you should head to Sun Wah right away. At Sun Wah, we offer a Chinese-rich menu that is designed around seasonal, sustainable, and local ingredients.  All our ingredients are locally sourced when fresh. This simply means the ingredients we use in making our dishes are not only fresh but also of high quality.  So if you are touring Australia or just feel that you need to taste of the Chinese diets, you can find award winning fusion menu at Sun Wah Restaurant. Here you will find virtually every kind of regional and cultural Chinese food existing.

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