Make Your Hotel More Environmentally Friendly with These Easy Steps


Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness are two issues which loom large over the business community today. From the rise of green jobs to the role of the Paris Climate Accord upon public and corporate policy to the importance of a company’s stance on the environment for PR purposes, it’s never been more important for companies to be environmentally conscious. What’s more, it has never been more fashionable, with global leaders such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, and other corporate giants pledging a greater commitment to green jobs and an overall greener approach to business.

This focus on environmental friendliness has carried over to the hospitality industry as well. Following this quick guide on how to keep your hotel friends with the environment can help ensure that your establishment maintains a clean environmental policy and thus a more progressive company image.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

For all the debate that has centred around the interplay between corporations and their effect upon the environment, one thing that all parties can agree upon is the fact that recycling is one of the best and, indeed, easiest ways for individuals and businesses alike to cut down on the degree of harm we might do to the environment. This is especially true for the hotel sector. Hotels go through all manner of different expendables daily, from towels and napkins to food stuffs and cleaning products and so on. Choosing recyclable versions of these products and encouraging guests and staff members alike to recycle whenever possible is a great and highly practical way to help your hotel maintain a more friendly environmental stance overall.

To that end, you can likewise ask guests and staff members to reduce their energy usage whenever possible. Posting signs asking guests to turn off lights, for example, can help lessen your hotel’s energy usage, and utilising light fixtures which are longer lasting and more environmentally-friendly can likewise help make a difference.

Go Green the Right Way

“Going green” is a big phrase within the corporate world today, and the hotel sector is no exception. With that being said, some ways of “going green” are decidedly more efficient than others. Green sources of energy are a major focus for corporations across the globe in both a fiscal and environmental sense. As such, one of the best things you can do to help your hotel “go green” in the best and most efficient manner possible is to invest in technology which utilises green and renewable energy sources. For example, all hotels need efficient linen cleaning and treating services. As such, switching to linen cleaning services which make use of green energy alternatives can be a great long-term investment.

Build a Greener Space

One of the biggest draws for any hotel is the luxurious natural spaces they are able to provide for guests. From outdoor verandas to lovely green lawns, some of the nicest parts of any top-tier hotel are likely to be those most viable for environmental reform. Have some empty space outside your hotel? Consider planting a garden. Have an excess of food waste at the end of the day? Contribute some of those food products to compost efforts for your lawn and garden areas.

All this and more can help your hotel “go green” in the modern business world!

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